Four-time world champion against three-time EM champion, two best strikers of the tournament: Tuesday (9pm / 9) between Italy and Spain.ARD And Magenta TV) Promises a show and a great football evening. “It will be an open game in which both teams will try to bring their style to the field“Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci has already announced that the semi-final victory will be backed up by a complete football classic considering past duels. Historical highlights at a glance:


World Cup Quarter 1934: After a 1-1 draw in Florence, the fight was repeated a day later – a defamatory game: Giuseppe Misa won 1-0, clearly blocked by the Spanish goalkeeper. Guests were denied two fines and two clear goals. For Azzurri it was a huge step on the road to their first World Championship title.

European Championship opening round 1980: 0-0 in the first round. Goalkeeper Luis Argonada saves only one match point for Spain. Host Italy then loses the last game for third place in European Championship history on penalties against Czechoslovakia.

For Spain it was again the last stop against Italy

Preliminary round of the European Championship 1988: Again Italy plays the fate of its biggest rival. Spain’s defeat at the Frankfurt Walt Stadium was mainly due to goalkeeper Walter Zenga – today’s team manager Gianluca Vialy scored the winning goal 1-0. Spain should go home again soon. Italy loses to Soviet Union 0-2 in the semifinals.

World Cup Quarterfinal 1994: A wild game. Roberto Baggio scored 2-1 for Italy in the last minute. Louis Enrique breaks his nose with an elbow check while Moro Dassotti stops. Hungarian referee Buhl did not see it, and Tashotti was then suspended for eight games. Italy are subject to Brazil in the final after being fined after Roberto Baggio’s famous coffee.

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The Spanish Dream Group was born

EM Quarter 2008: For Spain, the game could be a turning point in the unfortunate history of the past and the birth of the dream team around Iniesta, Xavi and Iker Casillas. After a 0-0 draw, coach Luis Aragonெs’ team won on penalties. Casillas saves two penalties 4-2, then said of the meeting: “This is my best memory with the national team. It is above the World Cup in South Africa. The first match Rose got was a win.

EM-Finale 2012: Squadra beat Assura 4-0 in Spain. David Silva, Jordi Alba, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata scored at the Kiev Olympic Stadium. For the Spaniards, this is the third consecutive title in a row after EM’s victory in 2008 and the coup at the 2010 World Cup. It was also the last successful appearance of “Celesian” on the big stage. Without the representatives of the “golden generation” around Iniesta, Xavi and Cova, the Spaniards could no longer build on the victories of the past.

16 2016 European Championship Round: Antonio Conte’s new Italy surprises the reigning champion – and knocks him out of the tournament. Graziano Belle and today’s captain Giorgio Cielini scored 2-0 at the State de France. Italy then lost to Germany in an epic penalty shoot-out in the quarterfinals.


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