California Fire and Rescue to improve emergency protocol through Sandia Labs partnership

The California Fire and Rescue Training Authority is working to improve its emergency response protocol through a partnership with Sandia Labs.

The Sandia National Laboratories recently teamed up with the California Fire and Rescue Training Authority (CFRTA) to develop a better emergency response protocol. 

Their strong former relationship will make new technology and emergency management easier to develop and test for field work.

The agreement, part of a $50,000 grant from the state, will allow emergency response training at the California Exercise Simulation Center (CESC) to move forward, enabling first responders and those on the scene of fire emergencies to simulate difficult scenarios that may arise out in the field. 

The simulations will use real data from specific regions to make up the scenarios -- how a potential wildfire, toxic chemical spill or radiation emergency might unfold -- before leaving those in the scenario to predict different outcomes depending on various conditions, including weather. 

The higher preparedness will allow first responders to become highly trained and prepared for probable California emergencies, whether they be from humans or natural causes.

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