First Responders Group develops X-Ray Scanning Rover

The X-Ray Scanning Rover currently in development by the DHS Science and Technology Directorate's First Responders Group. | Courtesy of

The Science and Technology Directorate's First Responders Group (FRG) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are working to develop a rover that is able to scan suspicious objects in the field. 

The X-Ray Scanning Rover (XSR) is being designed to be a scanning body that can scan suspicious packages and bags for explosives and other harmful materials, in order to keep first response personnel safe.

To improve efficiency, the FRG is retrofitting current robotic units used by bomb squads with the X-Ray generator. This allows bomb squads to avoid the purchase of a separate robot. The XSR utilizes a fan-shaped mechanism which produces a continuous beam of X-ray light that offers a more comprehensive visual compared to other pulsing X-ray technology. 

“One of the advantages of this system is that it can process images at a very fast speed,” FRG XSR Program Manager Christine Lee said. “The X-Ray Scanning Rover takes one continuous scan, and then responders have a clear, high resolution picture of any potential threats in real time. This saves valuable time in scanning objects during critical situations.”

The FRG met with experts in this area in August and will be incorporating information from that into the prototypes currently in development. They predict that the XSR prototypes should be ready by 2016.

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