DWB details treatment of chemical attack victims in Syria

A chlorine attack in northwestern Syria on March 16 killed six people and poisoned a further 70, according to reports by Syrian doctors in the region in contact with MSF. | Courtesy of DWB
Syrian doctors and Doctors Without Borders (DWB) have reported that seven people have died and 70 were injured in a chemical attack that took place March 16 on the town of Samrin .

Witness reports claim that government helicopters dropped barrels that released chlorine gas, and doctors at Samrin Hospital confirm that those affected had symptoms of chlorine poisoning and that the smell of chlorine was in the air and on patients' clothing.

A family of six -- three young children and their parents -- died at the hospital and their grandmother died prior to medical aid arriving.

A neighboring village to Samrin was also attacked the same evening. The 70 patients treated at the hospital included inhabitants of both municipalities and first aid workers of the Syrian Civil Defense," DWB President Mego Terzian said. "Symptoms ranged from rashes of the skin and foaming blood in the mouth. Attacking a village and its civilian population with chlorine shows once again that the Syrian conflict knows no limits."

DWB provided the hospital with supplies in order to treat the influx of patients. The organization operates six facilities in Syria, aids clinics and field hospitals within the country, and has aided those who have fled to neighboring countries.