Company offers mailroom awareness training over CBR substances

Hotzone Solutions is offering training in mailroom awareness of CBR substances | Hotzone Solutions

Hotzone Solutions is offering mailroom safety courses to increase awareness of chemical, biological and radiological substances.

The company said there have been numerous reports from around the world about attempts to reach government or organizational personnel and deliver CBR substances through the mail.

“Often intended to reach the key person this method of delivery can cause just as much disruption to vital organizational functions anywhere along the ‘mail chain’ if not intercepted and managed at key points,” the company said.

Hotzone pointed out the Anthrax reports in 2001, which were sent through the mail, and most recently of an attempt to send President Barack Obama and other U.S. senators the toxin Ricin in 2013. The attempts, both legitimate and fake, have caused government entities and organizations to look at mailroom procedures, and even implement “off site” screening facilities, Hotzone said.

The course developed by Hotzone was geared toward specific client requirements. Participants can use their own equipment and create a “good foundation” of procedures to handle possible incidents involving CBR substances.

The course looks at the initial screening of mail, the mailroom design and decontamination and forensic awareness. Hotzone said it can tailor the course to meet any business' needs.

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