CBRN capabilities exercise held in Turkey

Soldiers participating in Operation Active Fence demonstrated their skills last month. | NATO's Allied Command Operations
Turkish, German, Dutch and U.S. soldiers involved in the NATO-supported Operation Active Fence in Turkey participated in a chemical nuclear biological countermeasures exercise at the Gazi barracks in Kahramanmaras, Turkey, last month.

The initial training scenario involved the Dutch Patriot Ballistic Missile Defense Task Force intercepting a simulated missile with a chemical warhead. A part of the Kahramanmaras area in southern Turkey then suffered simulated contamination because of unfavorable wind conditions.

An armored nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicle was sent to detect possible contamination. Air samples were taken using special sensors on the vehicle and soil samples were taken to detect chemical agents by using a remote-controlled arm attached to the vehicle. The boundaries of the potential contamination also were marked with flags.

After the area was marked, a set up that resembles a car wash was used to ensure the vehicle was free of contaminates. Additional decontamination measures were also demonstrated to ensure decontamination of the soldiers, their protective equipment and personal gear.