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GAO calls for evacuation plans beyond 10-mile radius for nuclear accidents

Barbara Boxer

The Government Accountability Office warned this week that evacuation plans following a nuclear plant accident beyond a 10-mile radius should be considered by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “Clearly, this is a common sense recommendation after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima,” … Read More »

Kehler tasked with combating WMDs

C. Robert Kehler

Weapons of mass destruction, described as one of the most pervasive threats to the United States by Air Force Gen. C. Robert Kehler, will be addressed through a new partnership between U.S. Strategic Command and the University of Nebraska. President … Read More »

Scientists creating new systems to deal with spread of biological threats


NRL scientists are in the process of creating unique systems aimed at the spontaneous decontamination of a variety of chemical and biological threats. The systems, which incorporate functional additives like quaternary ammonium salt biocides, polyoxometalates, fullernes and phthalocyanines capable of … Read More »

Syria approves U.N. appointment of scientist to study chemical weapons allegation


A U.N. appointment of a Swedish scientist who will probe chemical weapons allegations in Syria was recently approved by the Syrian government. An Al Arabiya correspondent, quoting officials sources, said that the U.N. investigation team is expected to arrive in … Read More »

New Jersey scores low on preparedness report


New Jersey received a failing grade in the category of emergency preparedness and response in a recent report. New Jersey ranked near the bottom of the lists of states for preparedness in the “Ready or Not – Protecting the Public’s … Read More »

Enzyme in human body may be key to bioweapon vaccines

Alexander Cole

New evidence has been found showing that anti-bacterial agents in the body may be able to fight bacteria as strong as anthrax. Lysozyme, an enzyme that is present in human tears, milk, mucus and saliva, attacks the cell walls of … Read More »

Congress: Homeland Security requires more uniform concepts and definitions

A congressional report published on Tuesday said that a lack of uniform definitions and concepts used by the Department of Homeland Security could raise financial costs and casualties. The report, entitled “Defining Homeland Security: Analysis and Congressional Considerations,” investigated multiple … Read More »

Texas researchers develop faster biodetection method

Researchers at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute recently developed a faster and less expensive method to detect bioterrorism threats, including the presence of botulinum neurotoxins. Screening for the most dangerous biological agents, such as botulinum and the Ebola virus, currently … Read More »

Baird: Syrian chemical attack would cause international response

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said on Tuesday that the world will take action if Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime uses chemical weapons against its own people. Baird plans to sit down in Morocco this week with leaders from the … Read More »

National Academies committee releases report on disaster resilience

A new report has been released examining what it would take for the nation to improve its resilience to biological attacks, natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks and other emergencies by 2030. The study acknowledges the difficulty of making effective improvements, … Read More »

Australian Secret Intelligence Service warns of CBRN threat

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service warned against the multifaceted dangers of the 21st century in a landmark speech this week, comparing the threats to those posed by the Cold War. The service said that the menace of terrorists acquiring chemical, … Read More »

Department of Defense warns of “next big thing” in bioterrorism

The Department of Defense’s Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter warned a group of experts this week that the department is already monitoring scientists over fears of the “next big thing” in terror. The DoD is concerned about a new … Read More »

NIH working on guidance for compliance with DURC policy

Officials with the federal government are preparing guidance to aid local laboratories in implementing the new policy on the oversight of life-sciences dual-use research of concern. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, announced … Read More »

Court denies SIGA’s motion for re-argument

The Delaware Court of Chancery denied SIGA Technologies’ motion for re-argument that was filed on October 4, upholding the court’s original September 22 decision regarding compensation for PharmAthene, Inc. Read More »

British healthcare workers vaccinated to prepare for possible 2010 Olympics attack

Five hundred health workers have received vaccinations against smallpox, allowing them to deal with potential biological terror attacks at the 2012 Olympics. Read More »