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Big cheers and glowing faces at Leipzig’s Media City Adlier studio: Emilia (12) from Rostock is the winner of the 14th season of “Teen Song” (ZDF) and can call herself “Best Songwriter of the Year 2022”.

During the exciting “Your Song” final on Friday evening, nine young talents from KiKA performed a total of eight songs on the Atmospheric live show. In the studio, with the support of family and friends, the stage fear of young artists soon disappeared.

12-year-old Emilia received the most votes when she voted by phone and online via After the poll results were announced, he accepted the coveted “Your Song” trophy from two reviewers, Johanna Klum and Burger Lars Dietrich, and was delighted with the யூ 5,000 talent grant: “I thought it was a dream come true! Did it really happen? With so many beautiful moments and all the best candidates!” A great ‘your song’ journey. I am so grateful to my mother-in-law Leoni. I learned from him how to express my feelings – now is the time to celebrate! “

Music godmother Leoni, who actively supported Emilia on her way to the songwriting summit through “Teen Song”, was also openly proud: “At first I had to shed tears because I was so happy for her. She got this opportunity, now she got it. It’s so wonderful to be able to make this trip with her! I’m so proud of her and congratulations on her future! “

The winner will answer questions from his fans in a chat on from 8:00 pm on March 14th and answer questions from the community.

Throughout the 16 documentary episodes, Giga fans continued the exciting “Your Song” contest from Weisspaden’s Beach Beach Castle to a songwriting camp in Austria. Only the best young composers can work with major music supporters. This year’s young artists include actress and singer Yvonne Gatterfeld, singer Jeanette Biedermann, band “Dean Freunde”, singer and actor Mario Novampray, pop singer Leonie, singer-songwriters Eli and Nappe and Dutch musician Duncan Loren’s rendezvous with Lawrence.

Composer Angelo Kelly, singer-songwriter LOTTE, “Tonbandgerät” lead player Ole Specht and “Juli” singer Eva Briegel along with the “Dean Song” jury were guests in the live final. Lina performed the winner of the 2013 “Dein Song”. , And Sarah, winner of “Your Song” 2021. Lina sang her current song “Water” as a show. After the finals of “Teen Song” 2021, Sarah received her first commissioned musical composition. He wrote the title track for “Jungs-WG” (ZDF), which begins March 14 on KiKA.

During the voting evaluation, the reviewers presented the music video for “My Song is Your Song” with the world’s first scene – “Bernd Toss Broad”. At the KiKA anniversary, he stressed that it should be an unwanted part of “your song”.

All “Your Song” episodes are available on and KiKA Player.

More information about the new season of “Dein Song” can be found at and

“Your Song” was produced by bsb film and TV producer Darmstadt and MB TV GmbH Berlin for KiKA on behalf of ZDF. ZDF editors Cordana Grossman and Corinna Loose for the documentary series and finale. Director of the Final Show: Ladislas Girley. Book: Dieter Ochs.

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