Rabbis concerned about the safety of Jews in Germany

The European Rabbinical Conference (CER) expressed concern about the security of the Jewish community in Germany due to anti-Semitic attacks and demonstrations against Israel. The security situation for Jews living in Germany is worse than beforeExplanation of General Secretary of the Central Emissions Committee, Gadi Grunich, to Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ online edition). It is difficult to say how the situation will develop. Surprises can come “from all directions.”

According to Groenich, “Anti-Semitism is underestimated by immigrants.” He complained that the conflict in the Middle East “with all its false narratives” was making large parts of the Muslim community “spiritual hostages.” Now this struggle will also be carried out on European soil. Gronisch said Germany had accepted its responsibility to protect Jewish life. Yeah There is also a “very urgent need for legal and preventive measuresAlso in Germany. “

The Finally, the topic of training for imams must be discussedThe majority of imams in Germany come from Turkey. Gronich said this would bring “propaganda from the Turkish government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” Muslim clerics in Europe should receive their training in the future in the country in which they are active. In addition, they should be taught in the language “they preach”. German politicians should “not close their eyes anymore” to this problem.

Groenich also called for an end to “financial flows from Europe to Palestine to Hamas and Hezbollah.” It must be ensured that this money is not used to make weapons, but to benefit the civilian population. Gronich has been the Secretary-General of CER since 2017. According to its own information, the organization has around 1,000 rabbis. (KNA)

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