You must now rely on the three components of breakfast

You must now rely on the three components of breakfast

1. Salmon

High-fat sea fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins more healthy oils. You also benefit from Anti-inflammatory fatty acids From cold water fish, which prevents, among other things, unwanted weight gain. Mackerel, herring or tuna can also have similar positive effects on your health – especially beneficial in old age. For example, salmon tastes good as toppings on wholemeal toast, with some radish or simply straight from the package. Looking for more inspiration and delicious prep ideas? Here you will definitely find what you are looking for:

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2. Whole Cakes

Whole-grain rolls look good on the breakfast table and impress one thing in particular High density of nutrients. you are rich Vitamin B1 Thus obtaining energy metabolism for the cells of the body. They also provide our bodies with energy and help store it. The preservation of heart muscle tissue and nerves is also enhanced. Older adults in particular should consume foods with a higher nutritional density, such as whole grain rolls, on a daily basis. Would you like to bake yourself?

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3. Breakfast egg

Protein is one of the essential nutrients that older adults often lack. Eggs Have Extra High Quality Protein: An average hen’s egg contains about 7.5 grams of protein. An egg for breakfast makes perfect sense. In addition to plenty of protein, the natural product also contains Vitamin A, B2, B12, D And a number of important things Folic acids It contains zinc, phosphorous and iron. One chicken egg for breakfast is enough to cover a third of the daily requirement of vitamin D. Vitamin B12 home is also replenished to nearly 40 percent. bonus? Depending on your taste, you can prepare eggs in several ways, such as fried, scrambled or boiled eggs.

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