Xbox 360 Store to Close in July 2024 – Latest Updates on Bio Prep Watch

Microsoft is preparing to close down its popular Xbox 360 Store and Xbox 360 Marketplace on July 29th, 2024, according to recent reports. This means that Xbox 360 owners will no longer be able to purchase new games, DLC, and other content from the Xbox 360 Store starting next July.

This closure also includes the removal of the Movies & TV app from Xbox 360. As a result, TV and movie content will no longer be accessible on the console after July 29th, 2024. However, Xbox 360 owners who already have existing digital games will still be able to play them. The only catch is that they won’t be able to purchase any new games or DLC through the console.

There is some good news for backward-compatible Xbox 360 and Original Xbox game enthusiasts. They can still purchase games and DLC from Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and So, fans of these retro games can continue to expand their collection and enjoy their favorite titles on the newer consoles.

As for accessing TV shows or movies purchased from the Xbox 360 Store after July 29th, 2024, users will need to migrate to other platforms. They can use a Windows 10 or later PC, Xbox One, or Xbox Series S/X to access and enjoy their purchased content.

It’s not uncommon for technology companies to phase out older products and platforms, especially as newer, more advanced versions become available. Microsoft’s decision to close down the Xbox 360 Store and Xbox 360 Marketplace is in line with this industry trend.

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While this news may disappoint some loyal Xbox 360 users, it also signifies the company’s commitment to moving forward and focusing on newer gaming experiences. With the recent release of Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft is clearly investing in the future of gaming and ensuring that players have access to the latest and greatest gaming content.

In conclusion, Xbox 360 owners have until July 29th, 2024, to make any final purchases from the Xbox 360 Store. After that date, they will no longer be able to buy new games, DLC, or access Movies & TV content on the console. However, existing digital games will still be playable, and users can still purchase backward-compatible games and DLC on other Xbox platforms. To access TV shows and movies purchased on the Xbox 360 Store, users will need to switch to a Windows 10 or later PC, Xbox One, or Xbox Series S/X.


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