With this position, Germany may not stand a good chance

The finalists for the 66th session of ESC have been determined. Now the starting order for each individual country has also been announced. For Germany, a place jumps in the middle. But who will compete first?

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held for the 66th time on Saturday. This time the artists will be exhibiting in Turin. The countries allowed to compete in the Italian city have been decided in the first and second semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday. Thus, the finalists were determined since yesterday evening.

A day later, the regulator announced the start order. Malik Harris, entering the paddock for Germany, was sent to the race as the thirteenth interpreter. In all, artists from 25 countries compete. The 24-year-old will be framed by offers from Ukraine and Lithuania.

System at a glance

  • Czech Republic: We Domi mit “Lights Off”
  • Romania: WRS with “Call Me”
  • Portugal: Maro mit “I miss you, I miss you”
  • Finland: Rasmus with “Jezebel”
  • Switzerland: Marius Behr with “Boys Don’t Cry”
  • France: Alvan & Ahez mit “Fulenn”
  • Norway: Subwoolfer mit “Give That Wolf A Banana”
  • Armenia: Rosa Lynn with Snap
  • Italia: Mahmoud and Blanco met “goose bumps”
  • Spain: Chanel with “SloMo”
  • Holland: S10 With “Depth”
  • Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra with “Stefania”
  • Deutschland: Malik Harris mit “Rockstar”
  • Lithuania: Monika Liu mit “Sentimentai”
  • Azerbaijan: Nader Rostamly with “Fade To Black”
  • Belgium: Jeremy McKeese with “Miss You”
  • Greece: Amanda Georgiadi Tinford “We Die Together”
  • Island: My sister with the sunrise
  • Moldo: Zdob, Zdub and Advahov Brothers with “Train”
  • Sweden: Cornelia Jacobs “Hold Me Closer”
  • Australia: Sheldon Riley “Not the Same”
  • Great Britain: Sam Ryder mit “Space Man”
  • Poland: Ochman with “River”
  • Serbia: Konstrakta mit “In a healthy body”
  • Estonia: Stefan mit “Hope”

The somewhat ungrateful first place will be awarded to We Are Domi from the Czech Republic, who will lead the so-called “Eurovision Grand Final Operating Order” and officially begin the music competition after the public introduction. The last artist to be sent to the stage is Estonian singer Stefan.


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