With his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira: Jennifer Lopez's ex-engagement again

With his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira
Jennifer Lopez’s ex-engagement again

Singer and ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony is engaged. It will be his fourth wedding. The couple announced the news on Instagram – but the two did not reveal any details about their planned wedding. In turn, fans see the extravagant engagement ring.

Just a few months ago, Marc Anthony confirmed that he’s back in good hands. Now Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband celebrates his engagement to girlfriend Nadia Ferreira. at Instagram-Story The model posted a photo of the couple’s hands on top of each other. An eye-catching XXL large diamond studded engagement ring. “Engagement party,” Ferrera wrote. More details about the application or wedding plans are unknown.

It’s Anthony’s fourth wedding. He was married to Dayanara Torres from 2000 to 2004. He then married Jennifer Lopez, and their love ended in 2014. He has children twice from the two women. Two more children were born from the relationship with Debbie Rosado. He was also married to Shannon de Lima from 2014 to 2017.

In terms of health, Marc Anthony seems to be doing better at the moment. Recently, the singer canceled a concert in Panama after suffering a serious fall down the stairs in a hotel. He shared a longer video on Instagram in which he explained that he had been hit in the back. However, he hopes for a speedy recovery.

Anthony is currently on a walking stick, some Instagram photos show. He was last at Disneyland with his partner to celebrate Ferreira’s 23rd birthday. The model captured the picnic with several shots.


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