Windows 11 Update: Notepad Now Integrated with Copilot – Bio Prep Watch

Microsoft has recently announced that its Notepad app for Windows 11 is set to receive a significant upgrade in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This new update, called “Explain with Copilot,” is currently being tested by select insiders.

Insiders now have the opportunity to try out an early version of Notepad with the Explain with Copilot feature. With this functionality, users will be able to analyze and break down text within a Notepad text file using the Copilot AI.

To access the feature, all insiders need to do is right-click on any highlighted text within the app. The selected text will then be copied and pasted into the Copilot for Windows sidebar, where it will search the internet for relevant answers and explanations.

This integration of Windows Copilot into Notepad is a first for Microsoft. It demonstrates the company’s commitment to embedding AI capabilities into various in-box applications within the Windows operating system.

In addition to this exciting development, rumors are circulating that Microsoft plans to bring its AI-powered Cowriter to the Notepad app as well. Cowriter is expected to enable the app to automatically generate text documents based on user criteria. This means that users will be able to adjust the tone, length, and format of the text produced by Cowriter within Notepad.

Looking ahead, Microsoft has hinted that more AI-centric features will be introduced to the text editor in the coming year. This suggests that users can anticipate even more powerful and innovative functionalities to enhance their overall Notepad experience.

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With the integration of Copilot and the potential inclusion of Cowriter, Microsoft is paving the way for a more efficient and capable Notepad app. These AI-powered enhancements will undoubtedly streamline and revolutionize the way users interact with and create content within Notepad.


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