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Windows 11: Is Microsoft blocking foreign system browsers?

Windows 11: Is Microsoft blocking foreign system browsers?

Windows 11 and the Edge browser that it contains make up an almost perfect software package — at least in the eyes of the manufacturer Microsoft. The software giant from Redmond, Washington, seems so convinced of its browser that it’s getting back into bad habit and further banning third-party software. Developer is now on the barricades and publicly condemns Microsoft’s methods. COMPUTER BILD owns the information.

Click orgy: Change the default browser

Anyone who’s already done the free Windows 11 update and then wanted to make their browser of choice the standard one knows the problem: Microsoft has made the process unnecessarily complicated in the latest Windows, thus giving the impression that Edge users are switching from a browser you want to scare off. Instead of changing the standard browser with just one click, as was the case with Windows 10, those wishing to change have to perform the process separately for different Internet protocols and file types – which it emits like chicane. If the standard browser can still be changed relatively easily using the COMPUTER-BILD instructions, it will look different with the so-called system browser.

EdgeDeflector: simply bend left

The system browser is a trick from Microsoft with which websites can only be opened using Edge, even with a standard “foreign” browser: Windows creates all internal Internet links – for example in Windows search, in Microsoft applications or also in the widget bar New Windows 11 – Not in the regular version https://Format but uses a proprietary protocol Microsoft Edge: // Thus it systematically bypasses the standard browser specified by Windows users. On the other hand, EdgeDeflector, for example, has helped so far: by being able to identify itself as a “handler” of the exclusive protocol and “bend” links that will open in the standard format, corresponding websites have been redirected to the standard browser.

But it seems that Microsoft has now found a way to block the functionality of the common tool, because EdgeDeflector no longer works since Windows 11 preview release 22494. As developer Daniel Aleksandersen writes in his book blog or memo In implementation, the software giant appears to have made major changes precisely at the point in the software code responsible for handling exclusive links. This means that EdgeDeflector and other third-party software can no longer be used as standard Microsoft protocol handlers – only Edge and its test versions are allowed. According to Aleksandersen, other tricks are blocked, for example via the Windows registry, or only lead to error messages. The problem is not yet present in the stable version 22000 of Windows 11, which is used on most computers.

Preferential treatment from Edge

Not surprisingly, Microsoft programs like EdgeDeflector are a thorn in the side. After all, the tool now has half a million users. is applied accordingly Developer response, who accuses Microsoft of preferring to use its Edge browser. If the technical changes in Windows 11 were indeed aimed at blocking other system browsers, it would be a setback for the unfortunate times of the browser wars. As the popular Chromium-based Brave and Firefox browsers have either copied or announced this technology. Firefox still has around 200 million active users, although user numbers have been declining recently. Alexandersen suspects this may speed Microsoft’s move.

MSEdgeRedirect alternative

It remains to be seen if EdgeDeflector will work again in the future. In any case, Daniel Aleksandersen is not willing to offer any further updates as long as Microsoft does not change its position, as that makes “devastating changes to Windows” necessary. If you do not want to do without your favorite browser when opening system links, you can use it MSEdgeRedirect by Robert Mehl. WhyNotWin11 developer freeware is not based on the Microsoft Edge processor, but it intercepts Microsoft browser command line commands to redirect links from news, search, and weather forecasts to the standard browser.

The program is still in beta status, but in the testing of this article, the program did indeed pass the affected Windows 11 developer preview – and it was only noticed because it opened both browsers occasionally. After a silent installation, the program overlaps the information area of ​​the taskbar and “bends” system links back to the standard browser. Final anecdote: Edge blocks the download of the program, you have to allow it in several clicks.

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