Will Tim Stetzel continue to play after injury?

Will Tim Stetzel continue to play after injury?

D.Tim Stetsall’s last pictures, which can be seen in Helsinki on Monday evening, are not really relevant to raising the spirits of the German national ice hockey team. In fact, it was not necessary, and a quarter of an hour later it was 1-0 against the aliens France, which seemed to take the form of a second win in the third game of this Ice Hockey World Championship.

But the working day of the most important German striker is already over. First, he lay down after a fight in the studs, and then he bent over the snow and never came back. So colleagues had to do it themselves – they managed, and the Germans won 3: 2, “even if it was hard”, striker Marcel Nobles agreed.

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How is the support? Will the 20-year-old exceptional player from the Ottawa Senators play again in his first World Cup? Nothing definite from the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB). “It’s so beautiful, we see it day by day,” said Christian Cunast, the dpa’s sports director, adding that more missions are “possible”. What good news was there for national coach Tony Soderhome, who had to deal with enough defeats from the best strikers: the need for NHL play-offs at the Lyon Trisite, Dominic Kahn injured, Tobias Ryder and Champions League MVP Frederick Defender made.

Captain Moritz Mல்லller makes it so important for Stouts to call him “one of our best players” and failure “certainly will be bitter”. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Although the second class AHL’s season ends on Sunday with the “sustainable creativity factor” (Söderholm), it should go faster now, and it’s still worth it. This also applies to defender Leon Cavanaugh, whose club season in Canada is over. The Germans could use him too.


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