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Will the health passport be withdrawn soon? Dr. Martin Blacher makes surprising discoveries

He was called at LCI on Friday, August 13th, where Martin Blachier made surprising discoveries regarding the health card. According to him, the government plans to withdraw it very quickly but will choose not to authorize it in order to promote the vaccination campaign.

The health corridor divides the French. It came into effect on August 9, and has been the source of many demonstrations across the country. According to a survey Elabi For Radio Classique, Les Echos and L’Institut Montaigne on August 4th, Even 37% of the population would oppose it. But for Dr. Martin Blacher, a guest on all television since the start of the health crisis, it will only be a matter of time before it is pulled.

The person who is invited regularly Don’t touch my TV They are caught in the crossfire, said Gabriel Attal, a government spokesman, and Olivier Veran, the health minister. The latter will have to “Pretend you’re still for this health card” Sometimes it contradicts their convictions. Because the government’s goal will be, above all, to greatly encourage vaccination.

solid strategy?

Martin Blacher asserts that if two government members defend the health card too much, he “So that people continue to be vaccinated by saying to themselves: I’ll need itIn other words, the two men will try to gain time, Knowing very well that the last measures will not last. “They shouldn’t say they’re going to pull it off quickly.”He concluded of course before adding: “It’s going to be a tough time managing that health card.”

It must be said that according to the hygienist, a health permit will not be useful. On the contrary, it may be so Responsible for many injuries“.”It was believed that there can be no transmission with vaccinated people, Or maybe there was“, Martin Blacher explained. Proof of it: From Capucine Anav to Sabrina Perquis, many celebrities have been affected by Delta despite the vaccine…

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