Why Matthias Master is not ashamed of his seat

Why Matthias Master is not ashamed of his seat


March 12, 2022 – 1:09 Clock

Yes, even the celebrities and professionals in “Let’s Dance” are only human, so something you don’t like will escape. It happened before the show 3 was coached by Matthias Master and Renata Lucin. Matthias slipped out of a ford during a lift. Are you shy or casual when you are too close while dancing? The video shows how the dance couple sees it. Amira Bocher reveals that something accidentally slipped from her during training with Massimo Sinado.

Matthias Master can no longer suppress himself

“Are you really pulsating now?” Renata hears her dance partner Matthias with a wide smile on her face. He acknowledges the small slip and admits: “Yes, I was very nervous while lifting.” There seems to be a lot going on in the training of the two. The video above shows how Matthias looks at the situation a few days after the incident.

Well, sometimes slow vaults blow the stench. But little training can not stop Fox boss Matze and Renata. Here’s a look at some of the live lifting images on the “Let’s Dance” site:

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