Dynamo Dresden haven’t scored in three friendlies – despite plenty of chances. SGD should resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Dresden – Well, it was the German runner-up. But this is the third Test in a row Dynamo Dresden Had enough chances – didn’t score 0:2 against Borussia Dortmund were present This problem cost Dresden the 2nd division last season and needs to be fixed soon. Coach Marcus Biggins knows that.

Dynamo coach Marcus Anfang (48) is fully aware of the problem: his team is currently scoring no goals. © Lutz Hentschel

0:1 against Heidenheim, 0:0 against St. Truden and now 0:2 against Dortmund. Although Mats Hummels was the leader of the Dortmund defense until midway through the second half, Dresden had enough chances.

Good thing SGD had them for the first time. It would have been better to use them. Dennis Borkowski (15th), Stefan Gutschke (17th/27th) and Julius Gade (27th) had the boards.

“We didn’t stop anyone from scoring,” Dynamo coach Marcus said.

Tenth newcomer: Park on loan from Dynamo Bremen
Dynamo Dresden
Tenth newcomer: Park on loan from Dynamo Bremen

“That was the shortcoming. We settled well from the back and created a lot of chances. Not by chance, but created. When you have a lot of chances, another one has to come in,” he said, saving the conversion. Opportunities with criticism.

That was the only point he didn’t like, otherwise the game went well in the first half.

Stefan Kutschke (33, left) had chances to score against BVB keeper Alexander Meier (31, right) - but things didn't want to go in.

Stefan Kutschke (33, left) had chances to score against BVB keeper Alexander Meier (31, right) – but things didn’t want to go in. © Lutz Hentschel

Early know where to start and Dresden will need to step up their attack again. Besides Kutschke, one more customer is missing.

“That’s what I’m saying. We played well against Heidenheim, but we didn’t convert our chances into goals. We created a lot of chances against Dortmund. We could have scored all the goals, but we didn’t create any. .” said the coach excitedly.

“That’s our problem now. I don’t want to make it bigger than that. We have players who can do that. But of course, if we create many chances in three games in a row, we still have talent. We can play a lot and make the most of it,” explained the 48-year-old.

Dynamo Dresden: Melichenko transfer awaits - "It's complex and difficult!"
Dynamo Dresden
Dynamo Dresden: Melichenko transfer awaits – “It’s complicated and difficult!”

Next Saturday’s dress rehearsal against Deplice is set to rectify the problem. Then the season starts with a great game against 1860 Munich. But there may be a striker who can help until the last test.

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