Actress Florence Pugh has had a lot of bad comments on photos showing off her nipples – she resists. Build: Photo Alliance / PhotoShot

British actress Florence Pugh, known among other things for the Marvel movie “Black Widow”, is defending herself against body defamation on Instagram. At the Valentino fashion show, she wore a sheer pink tulle dress that clearly showed her nipples. As a result, some users wrote her bad reviews.

Florence Pugh takes a stand against body shaming

Florence Pugh posted a series of photos of the dress on her Instagram profile. The Marvel star predicted that these wouldn’t go unnoticed due to the visible nipples. “Listen, I knew that if I wore this gorgeous dress, there would be inevitable comments”wrote under another Instagram post on Monday.

Florence Pugh (left) with her mother Deborah McCain before the Valentino Show.

Florence Pugh (left) with her mother Deborah McCain before the Valentino Show.BILD: Photo Alliance / Abaca / Biovanuto Marco / Abaca

In the post, she commented on the comments – and defends herself. Against the hatred she had on her body.

In response to the body’s shame, Florence Pugh writes: “Many of you have wanted to tell me very strongly about how disappointed you are with my ‘small breast’.Or, should I be ashamed of being “flat chested”. She explains that she is fully aware of her breast size.

Derogatory comments came especially from men

Especially degrading comments came from the male side. It’s “interesting” to see how easily men “totally destroy a woman’s body in public, with pride and for all to see.”are reports.

This isn’t the first time, and certainly won’t be the last, that a woman has heard from a crowd of strangers what’s wrong with her body. What the 26-year-old found disturbing was “how vulgar some men can be.”

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In her post, she also addresses the people who reacted negatively to the photos. she asks:

“Why are you so afraid of boobs? Small? Big? Left? Right? Only one? Maybe nothing? What. Is.

Florence Boge

It also sends a clear message: “Grow up. Respect others. Respect bodies. Respect all women. Respect people. Life will be so much easier, I promise.”

Under her statement you get support

In the photo series, she finally posted a picture where she covered her breasts with her fingers. This is for those who are more comfortable not showing that patch of dark skin. This concludes her statement about Shitstorm.

Under the Instagram post, she got a lot of support for her words. Celebrities are also provided.

Actress Joy King, for example, asserts: “You are really incredible. You describe in words what many feel but cannot express.”

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