Whatsapp: Be careful!  If you download this, there is a risk

Whatsapp: Be careful! If you download DAS, it can be dangerous

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

WhatsApp: You should never make these mistakes

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Navigating the depths of your smartphone can sometimes be complicated. This also applies to The WhatsAppWhere now lurks a new danger.

I’ve heard of many people The WhatsApp Meanwhile, it is an indelible part of everyday life. So it is even worse when the access to the app account is blocked by annoying malware and you can no longer access the messenger at all. This can happen with a certain update.

Whatsapp: Beware of Unofficial App Extensions

As practical as Whatsapp may be for many, users should definitely beware of unofficial add-ons for the app! The portal “Chip.de” is now warning about “FMWhatsApp”, citing security experts. Some people use it to access functions that WhatsApp does not provide on its own. However, Kaspersky researchers are said to have discovered that update 16.80.0 contains the Triada Trojan.


Some facts about Whatsapp:


Trojans are digital malware that infect devices and can, for example, read passwords or install additional malware in the background. Modification, blocking or deletion of data are possible consequences. While most people now protect their computers with security software, Trojans often have the freedom to use smartphones.

WhatsApp: Beware of the Triada Trojan

Triada can also read the data on your mobile phone and install other Trojans. as “Chip“Reports, not only can annoying ads appear, but malware should also be able to get expensive premium subscriptions for you. Triada can even log into the smartphone owner’s WhatsApp account. Anyone who wants to log in Again then all of a sudden he no longer has access.


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But don’t panic, virus scanners on Android devices usually detect malware and warn you about it. However, if you don’t even want to risk getting upset with “Triada”, you should keep your hands off unofficial extensions like “FMWhatsApp”.

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