What is the duration of the vaccination permit?

The Elders of the Constitutional Council approved the government’s plan, but demanded that it be put to an end as soon as possible.

The vaccination permit comes into effect on Monday in France. The Constitutional Council gave the green light on Friday. The operators of the place whose access is subject to this permit are also entitled to request an identity document to verify if necessary the compatibility with the presented card. One of the articles of the law that raises tension between the Republicans and the Socialist Party. Only material related to public meetings was censored.

However, the sages asked in their advice “my end” to the vaccination card “without a deadline” when is “It will no longer be needed” before the July 31 deadline. And the executive authority committed to this, Thursday, during a press conference held at the conclusion of the work of the Health Defense Council. “I want to be clear, the vaccination card can be suspended completely if the epidemic and especially hospital pressure drops sharply and permanently,” Prime Minister Jan Castex reassured. Specifically, the government will abandon it If our services…

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