“We have to know those who are going to make films,” the Cancer League estimates

The association publishes a study proving that cigarette consumption is found in 90% of French films.

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After several years of decline, the number of smokers stopped declining in France last year, the French Public Health Authority revealed, Wednesday (May 26th). According to the Cancer Control Association, cinema has an effect on cigarette consumption. She and Ipsos Institute for Opinion Polls are publishing a study showing that tobacco is in more than nine out of ten French films. “We must know those who will be making films and try to make sure to avoid them [de montrer] All tobacco productsRatings on franceinfo: Catherine Simonen, Vice President of the Association Against Cancer.

“Our survey indicates that the tobacco manufacturers’ marketing strategy is very strict. ” Catherine Simonen explains. “They put the products in the movies, it’s a hijacking of Evin’s Law [qui interdit la publicité pour le tabac]According to her, this observation also applies to “Series” And the “social networks”Especially during confinement.

“There is a clear public health problem.”Says Vice President of the Association Against Cancer. You remember this tobacco “It is the main preventable cause of cancer.” And it does “75,000 deaths a year from all causes”. As for secondhand smoke, it causes it every year “1,100 deaths in France”.

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