Foto: Thorsten Tillmann.

Regional Football League Fortuna Cologne and Rot-Weiss Essen had a crazy exchange of kicks (3:3). Fortuna coach Alexander Indy praised the morale.

Fortuna chief defense and captain Köln commented: “We are already under pressure against RWE and we have to win the match. I don’t want to beat through the bush.” Yannick Lowden Before the regional league summit meeting against red and white food. Fortuna is already having a stellar season, but has been losing some momentum lately. The previous two matches at home against the relegation candidates Bonner SC (1:2) and VFP Homburg (1:1) You cannot be victorious. Prior to the Boone match, Kowloon had not lost an impressive 20 consecutive matches.

The coach’s team wanted to play against Rot Weiss Essen Alexander’s End Back on the road to success, but the team was only able to implement this plan to a limited extent. Western cracking ended 3:3 (1:2).

After the match, the homeowners won by a point. In the first half, the third-placed was not complaining about being behind by three goals, but the result was only 1-2. “We didn’t go into this match well and made a lot of mistakes. That’s when I noticed that it wasn’t our best stage in terms of results. We kept calling Rot-Weiss Essen to switch positions. With the break of the first half that result, we were living very well,” summed Indy first round.

We put our hearts on the field and played against a very strong team. In the end we fought the best candidates 3:3. As a coach I’m proud of that!

Alexander’s end.

With a little necessary luck and a lot of morale, Fortuna then worked to make the lottery. The coach was completely satisfied: “We left our hearts on the field and played against a very strong team. In the end we fought the top favorites 3-3. As a coach, I’m proud of it! Every neutral spectator stands their cost.”

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Also on Saturday (March 19, 2 p.m.) fortune cologne Play the home game again. Then U23 des Schalke 04 To Cologne Südstadion. For the owners of the land, this is the fourth duel in a row in front of their home fans. The trio is mandatory if Fortuna wants to keep dreaming about being promoted.


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