VfB Stuttgart with interest opportunities and karma points – football

VfB Stuttgart with interest opportunities and karma points – football

VfB Stuttgart Arminia had to settle for a point at Peelfeld. Swabiers will regret many missed opportunities in the long run.

Voltaire Anton will definitely dream of this scene: the ball rolls along the line. The fifth goal of the season stops Anton from wanting to take on Constantinos Mavropanos. But the ball bounced back into the field (78th minute). Fans will play that scene over and over again in their minds: ball, line, defender, post – and expect a different outcome each time. Anton put his feet inside, pushed the ball over the line, and shot VfB Stuttgart for all major wins at Armenia Peelfeld.

However, it would be wrong Tie This should link to a scenario. Chris Fuhrich (38 ‘), Omar Marmaush (40’) and Diego Tomas (54 ‘) could have taken a 2-0 lead. Diego Tomas (67th), Attagan Karasor (72nd) and Pascal Stencil (77th) led 2-1. “It was more than that,” Carasor complained after the game.

VfB Stuttgart one point ahead

It went 1-1 after goals from Sasa Kalajjik (25th penalty) and Florian Krueger (59th), who could only survive well as VFP Stuttgart were a contender. Hertha lost to Bayer Leverkusen 04: BSC 1: 2. Thus, the Swabians were able to take at least one point further than the point of expulsion. However, Kalajjik would have wanted liberation. “This is really nonsense. It’s our own fault,” Kalajjik said after the game.

However, the two-meter player defended his teammates: “The coolness that one or the other does not have in this situation. But everyone fought and defended with enthusiasm. So: no blasphemy.”

Matarazzo performance only satisfied

Coach Pellegrino Matarazzo did not want to criticize anyone: “The youngsters did well.” Still, he’s not satisfied: “It feels two points too low.”

After all, VfB Stuttgart got some karma points at the time of injury. Feilfeld striker Fabian Klose was on the ground for several minutes after a violent clash with Alessandro Scope. As the paramedics took too long to bring the stretcher, VfB attacker Sasa Kalajjik ran towards them and took the transport device from them. Bielefeld received applause from the audience. Klose was taken straight to the hospital. Nothing is known at present about his health. “This is a very difficult situation for us and the team,” said Peelfeld coach Frank Kramer. “It’s chilling in your spine. Of course you will be shocked when you see something like that.”

Goalkeeper Sasa Kalajjic ran to the injured Fabian Close with a stretcher.  (Photo: Image-Alliance / Reporting Services, Image Alliance / dpa | Friso Gentsch)

Goalkeeper Sasa Kalajjic ran to the injured Fabian Close with a stretcher.

Image Alliance / dpa | Friso Gent

Of course, little help in the table of karma points. But maybe VfB Stuttgart can continue their good game against Borussia Dortmund next Friday and exchange karma points at the decisive moment – for example a lucky winner in the 89th minute. Then the Stuttgart dream ring will be broken.


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