Version 0.1 of Reality Mod is available from Sunday

Version 0.1 of Reality Mod is available from Sunday

The current calendar year does not bring much for fans of first-person shooters, and for fans of Battlefield with Battlefield 2042, only a slow pace has been announced in the further development of the game. So it is quite convenient to have a file The release date for the Battlefield 3 real-life version has finally been set, which Battlefield fans have been eagerly awaiting, and according to the announcement, we don’t have to wait any longer.

As announced by the mod developers in the release trailer, the project will be released as version 0.1 on July 17, 2022. The team behind Reality Mod had previously staged an alpha phase and had been developing it for nearly seven years. Interested players can download and play the mode for free from the release date, but a matching version of Battlefield 3 is required.

If you don’t own Battlefield 3, you can buy Battlefield 3 very cheaply. For the best compatibility, we recommend purchasing the Origin version. The Battlefield 3 Premium Edition Can you already €9.99 Buy from MMOGA.

This is what awaits you in Reality Mod:

  • Completely redesigned user interface and tactical gameplay
  • Frostbite engine with visual effects and physics effects
  • +100 players on a high-tactic server
  • In-Game VoIP
  • New game modes, textures and maps
  • Dynamic weather effects and 24-hour day/night cycle

However, since Battlefield 3 did not receive any official support from the mod even after many years, the mod is based on the Venice Unleashed mod project, VU for a short time. Those who want to monitor the reality modification project can, among other things Official Discord Server to join.

More about Venice Unleashed You can find it here.

Here’s how to play Battlefield 3 with Venice Unleashed!
  1. You must own and install Battlefield 3 (PC version).
    tip: You can currently get Battlefield 3 for free via Twitch Prime
  2. Now you need a VU client Download and install.
  3. Now create your own profile VU . user account.
  4. Start the VU Client
    (The first time you log in, you will be asked to link your Origin account. Just follow the onscreen instructions.)
  5. Log in with your VU user account.
  6. Create your own soldier
  7. Now we can get started!


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