Vermont authorities issue public warning to inspect for concealed AirTags following trips to Canada

Vermont Authorities Issue Warning About Hidden AirTags Found on Cars After Traveling to Canada

Vermont authorities are advising residents to check for hidden AirTags on their vehicles after multiple cases have been reported of people finding the tracking devices after road tripping to Canada. The concern is that these AirTags may be part of a scheme by criminals to eventually steal the cars.

One such case is that of Ethan Yang, who discovered an AirTag in his car after returning from a trip to Montreal. Upon investigation, Burlington, Vermont police have reported a spike in the number of residents finding AirTags in their cars following trips to Canada.

It is believed that criminals are using AirTags to track cars for eventual theft and sale abroad. Cyber analysts have warned that criminals are increasingly using technology to target individuals, emphasizing the importance of being vigilant.

Apple’s AirTag safety features do alert users to unrecognized AirTags traveling with them. Users can also make AirTags emit a sound via the Find My app, and the devices will play a sound on their own if they become separated from their owner.

Authorities are urging residents to be aware of basic security features of devices like AirTags in order to protect themselves from theft and tracking. Residents are encouraged to regularly check their vehicles for any suspicious devices and to report any findings to law enforcement immediately to prevent potential theft.

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