Home Tech Valve: No half-life exclusive to Steam Deck

Valve: No half-life exclusive to Steam Deck

Valve: No half-life exclusive to Steam Deck
Valve: No half-life exclusive to Steam Deck
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After rumors surfaced in the past few days that Valve was working on Half-Life 3 or at least a sequel to Half-Life: Alyx (Test), that’s now highly unlikely.

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There are no Steam Deck exclusive games

Additionally, it was recently speculated that a new Half-Life title called Half-Life: Citadel, the mix of action and strategy game that Valve is currently working on with a release planned for 2022, could be released exclusively to Steam Deck adding an extra boost to the game. Platform and hardware demand. Similar to Half-Life: Alyx was released exclusively for VR headsets and greatly boosted the sale of Valve’s VR glasses, Index (Test). Valve is now ending this speculation with one Update FAQ The same, as the company rejects games that are exclusive to Steam Deck. Since a laptop is essentially a PC, exclusive games wouldn’t make much sense for Valve.

Q: “Does Valve care about titles exclusive to Steam Deck?” We don’t see any point in that. It’s a computer and it should play games like a PC.”

Steam Deck FAQ

Rather than developing games exclusive to Steam Deck, Valve’s focus is currently entirely on the platform itself, in order to ensure that PC games can run on the handheld device in the best possible way. The fact that any future titles from Valve will also be developed with the intent of Steam Deck, so that they can also be played on them without restrictions, can be considered a certainty.

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Speculus for Christmas: Half-Life: The Castle

Tyler McVicker of the Valve News Network started speculation about Half-Life: Citadel, in which players must compete in a co-op mode and should satisfy the nostalgia of Half-Life fans. Details are not yet known apart from the genre mix of Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Alien Swarm and a real-time strategy game. In March 2020, Valve already announced that Half-Life: Alyx was by no means the final part of the Half-Life series, but should be seen as a precursor to the revival of the Half-Life universe. Since then, however, he has become very quiet again regarding Half-Life.

Steam Deck won’t be released until 2022

In November, Valve announced that delivery of first Steam Deck pre-orders would have to be pushed back to February 2022 due to not all hardware components being available in sufficient quantities due to the global chip crisis.

More developers receive development kits

fuse supply in the meantime More developers with development kits. The developers made available now will be selected based on Steam Deck pre-order interest in the developer’s games. The developer kits are working with the Linux 5.13 kernel, but an update to Linux 5.15 LTS is being prepared. Developers who do not have a Steam Deck developer platform should test their titles for the platform on a system with an AMD processor to be close to Steam Deck hardware and thus avoid problems at an early stage.


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