Trois jours de sensibilisation dans les centres commerciaux

Increase awareness of vaccination even at the time of shopping. This is the aim of the operation that is currently being carried out in Khiam by the department, the prefecture, the regional health agency and the Red Cross. Concretely, a awareness position Based on Vaccination date settles down the aisles of the shopping center for a day, Red Cross mediators Contact customers to have their questions answered.

Reaching people between the ages of 12 and 17

The idea is to touch People are still rebellious vaccination, while 74.15% of the population has already received at least one dose (source: covidtracker) In the department. The audience is specifically targeted through this process. “it takes _Touch the youngest_And Philip Martin, head of the department, explains. Surely, they are not the ones who cause the dangerous forms, but they are sent to more fragile people. Today, nearly 11,000 people aged 12-17 have received a single dose of 17,000. That’s fine but more needs to be done.”.

The operation took place on Saturday August 21 at the Leclerc d’Auch exhibition. And this continues Wednesday in Carrefour, then next Saturday in Intermarche, which is still in the shopping centers in the city of Osh.

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