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Bold attack from the White House!

US President Joe Biden (79) The US Supreme Court has taken a sharp stance. In a conversation with conservatives on Friday, he described the Supreme Court as an “extreme court”.

The reason: He is clearly frustrated with the recent ruling on the abortion law. However, the court has recently intervened with Biden in other areas as well – for example by thwarting his climate plans or classifying public bearing arms as a fundamental right.

Apparently, the president was so upset that he allowed himself to accept this sentence in the governor’s office: “I share the outrage of public opinion in this extreme court.”

Stranger: Five years ago, Biden criticized then-President Donald Trump (76) for similar direct attacks on the Supreme Court.

“When you delegitimize the courts, you delegitimize the legislature, which makes it nearly impossible to reach a compromise,” Biden said at the time. He implored Trump to adopt a “presidential” tone in the future.

Infographic of the American political system

Abortion rights revoked

The Supreme Court struck down abortion rights last week, arguing that they were unconstitutional. Since there is no state law protecting this right, the legislature now rests with the states. About half are now expected to have stricter abortion laws.

But it is also a fact that abortions were previously possible in the United States for a much longer period than, for example, in Germany. In America, abortion was legal until the 24th week of pregnancy, in Germany only until the 12th week.

This is the situation in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is made up of nine justices, three of whom have been appointed by Trump. As a result, six member judges on the ticket became Republicans, and three through Democrats.

Because of the appointment process, senior lawyers are presumed to have a tendency to align with the political party that appointed them. However, this is not mandatory, and judges have nothing to fear if the rulings differ. Because: You are appointed for life.

The conservative-dominated court actually decided on Thursday only from Biden’s point of view – and gave him the green light to end Trump’s tough immigration policy. Tens of thousands of immigrants have been forced to remain in Mexico to wait for their asylum claims to be heard in the United States.

But that didn’t stop Biden from his frantic accusation of extremism. In German politics, similarly sharp attacks on the Federal Constitutional Court are largely infuriating – out of respect for the government’s highest supervisory body.


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