US Steel-Nippon Steel deal found void by Steelworkers president due to collective bargaining agreement violations

Title: United Steelworkers Union Expresses Concerns Over Sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel

In a recent television interview, David McCall, the president of the United Steelworkers International Union, voiced his apprehensions regarding the sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel. The deal has stirred controversy as McCall argues that it infringes upon the terms of their collective bargaining agreement. The U.S. Steel company neglected to inform the union about the proposed sale, which McCall believes nullifies the deal.

McCall asserts that the union was blindsided by the news, with no prior knowledge of the sale until minutes before it was publicly announced. Such a lack of transparency presents a serious violation in the union’s eyes. Consequently, the union is now raising concerns on various fronts, including potential national security issues, domestic supply chain disruptions, and the security of pension plans and retiree healthcare.

Of particular concern to McCall is the potential closure of blast furnace operations at U.S. Steel facilities. This likely outcome could result from a shift in focus to electric arc furnace facilities in Arkansas. The union worries that such closures could have detrimental effects on workers and their communities.

Fortunately, emboldening the union’s stance are the public and elected officials who have expressed support for their cause. This bolstered backing lends weight to the argument that the interests of U.S. Steel employees and the broader American public are at stake.

Anticipating a protracted battle, the union and its legal team have resolved to explore potential legal avenues to prevent the completion of the sale. McCall remains determined to safeguard the rights and future of the union’s members, stressing that their attorneys will be working diligently throughout the holiday period to evaluate the available options.

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Despite the union’s outspoken opposition, U.S. Steel CEO Dave Burritt has remained elusive, declining any comment on the matter. As such, the concerns raised by McCall and the United Steelworkers International Union continue to hover over the impending sale, making it a contentious issue to follow in the weeks to come.

Overall, this controversial development has sparked nationwide attention, shedding light on the critical role unions play in safeguarding workers’ rights and the importance of maintaining open dialogue between labor and management.


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