Home Top News Twelve top clubs provide details confirming participation in the Super League

Twelve top clubs provide details confirming participation in the Super League

Twelve top clubs provide details confirming participation in the Super League

Now it’s official: Twelve top European clubs want to find a super league – already have detailed plans in place.

See you soon in the Super League: Zinedine Zidane with Real Madrid and J & # 252; with Liverpool FC;  Rugan Globe.

See you soon in the Super League: Zinedine Zidane with Real Madrid and Jurgen Globe with Liverpool FC.
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After midnight, the clubs made public the rumor that had spread during the day. “Twelve of Europe’s leading football clubs have agreed to establish a new league, the Super League,” the letter said. They are Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin, Inter Milan and AC. These founding clubs want to be responsible for the organization of the Super League.

According to the letter, three more founding clubs are set to join the Super League before the first season, with 15 of these clubs becoming permanent participants. The game should start “soon”.

UEFA threatens to exclude participants from the competition

“The founding clubs look forward to negotiating with UEFA and FIFA and working together to achieve better results for the new league and football,” the report continues. On the UEFA side, however, there was already strong opposition before it was officially announced. Among other things, the association threatened to withdraw from all other UEFA competitions.

The UEFA executive committee meets on Monday, in fact the controversial reform of the Champions League should be decided here. It remains to be seen to what extent there will be a vote. The UEFA Congress will be held on Tuesday.

The establishment of the new league was associated with the COVID-19 epidemic, which continued the report of twelve clubs that “accelerated the instability of the current economic model in European football”. “Epidemic demonstrated the need for a strategic vision and sustainable economic approach.” One now wants to take this into account in the Super League.

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Competition format: 20 participants, five qualified players

The founding clubs also presented their competition format: a total of 20 clubs are to participate, 15 founding clubs and five outdoor clubs via unspecified eligibility system. Potential qualifiers will be rewarded “annually for previous season achievements”. Dates are scheduled for the week that do not affect the “heart of club football” – the national leagues. Therefore, the Super League should be understood as a competition for the Champions League.

In August of each year, ten and home and distance games are on the agenda, as is the Champions League team stage. The top three teams in each group automatically qualify for the quarterfinals. The fourth and fifth play the seventh and eighth quarterbacks on the first and second legs. The quarterfinals and semifinals will also be played with the return leg, with the final taking place at a neutral venue in May.

The Women’s Super League is also planned

Once the men’s opening shot is fired, a Women’s Super League will follow. Women’s football needs to be “advanced”.

The new form of competition “will provide significantly greater economic growth and support for European football by supporting unlimited solidarity payments in the long run”, which should grow in line with the league’s revenue. These similarity payments should be significantly higher than those generated by current European competition. It is estimated to be over ten billion euros.

In addition, “all corporate clubs must sign the cost structure”. In addition, the Coalition writes: “In return for their commitment, the founding clubs will receive 3.5 3.5 billion to support their infrastructure investment plans and to offset the effects of the epidemic.” It is not clear from whom this money is coming.

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Real President Perez is the president of the Super League

Real president Florentino Perez, the leader of the new Super League, said they would “help football at every level” and take responsibility for “fulfilling the wishes of four billion football fans.” Juve boss Andrea Agnelli, vice-president of the league, put it in the same direction: “At this crucial moment we combined the forces to transform European competition, the game we want, on a sustainable basis for the long-term future.” In addition, they want to “significantly increase unity”.

Manchester United’s Joe Glaser added: “By bringing together the best clubs and players in the world, the Super League opens a new chapter for European football, ensuring world-class competition and increasing funding for the wider football pyramid.”

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