Truth is Sacred: Tom Hanks Speaks to the Conscience of Harvard Students

Truth is Sacred: Tom Hanks Speaks to the Conscience of Harvard Students

“The truth is sacred”
Tom Hanks scolds Harvard students

Actor Tom Hanks has won many awards. Now he can also invoke an honorary doctorate from Harvard himself. And a very special volleyball. The Hollywood star thanks her with a touching speech.

The famous Harvard University awarded Tom Hanks an honorary doctorate in art. In addition, the Hollywood star was awarded Wilson’s volleyball with elite university lettering – a reference to the movie “Cast Away – Lost,” in which an interview prop played a major role alongside Hanks.

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Volleyball like this should sound familiar to Hanks.

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“It’s not fair, but please don’t be so bitter about that fact,” Hanks joked about the fact that he made a lot of money pretending to be a Harvard professor. With this note, he, in turn, referred to his role as Robert Langdon, which he embodied in three Dan Brown films (including The Da Vinci Code).

Tom Hanks also addressed the graduation ceremony for this year’s elite college graduates. Traditionally, this task fell to a prominent politician or artist. In his speech, he was inspired by the Latin term “veritas” (“truth”), which Harvard University has chosen as its motto.

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“For some, truth is no longer empirical. It is no longer based on data, it is no longer based on common sense and not even on common decency,” said the 66-year-old. “Telling the truth is no longer the standard of public service,” Hanks continued. “It is no longer the cure for our fears or the guide for our actions. Truth is now seen as malleable, through opinions and through zero-sum games.”

According to the actor, there are three types of Americans for him: those who stand for freedom and independence. Those who have not. And those who don’t care. And he rushed to the graduates to join the previous group: “The responsibility lies with you. With us.” In conclusion, Hanks asserted, “But the truth, the truth is sacred. It does not change. Carved in stone and the foundation of our republic.”

The two-time Oscar winner has recently been seen in movies like “Elvis”, “Pinocchio” or “A Man Named Otto”. Earlier this week he was a guest at the Cannes Film Festival to present his new movie, “Asteroid City,” directed by Wes Anderson, which stars his wife, Rita Wilson, along with many other stars.


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