Truss successor: Rishi Sunak becomes the new British Prime Minister

Status: 10/24/2022 5:58 PM

Earlier than expected, it is now clear who will succeed Truss in Downing Street: former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak will become the new Prime Minister of Great Britain. His only competitor, Penny Mordaunt, withdrew her nomination.

Rishi Sunak becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain. As the sole applicant, he has amassed the required number of supporters for at least 100 MPs, the Conservative Party in London announced. This means the former chancellor will automatically succeed former Conservative Party leader and prime minister Liz Truss, who resigned after just 44 days in office.

Former Defense Secretary Penny Mordaunt, who also applied, withdrew before the deadline. The Acting Minister of Parliamentary Affairs wrote on Twitter that Sunak has her full support.

Economic crisis and a divided party

Challenging tasks await a former hedge fund manager. In his first public reaction after his victory, Sunak said the country faces a “profound economic challenge”. Reuniting the Conservative Party and the state is his top priority. “We need stability and unity now,” Sunak said. “I promise I will serve you with integrity and humility.”

The official appointment of Roshi Sunak as the new British Prime Minister is not expected until Tuesday at the earliest.

Sunak was born to Indian immigrants in Southampton. He became the first Hindu to hold the position of British Prime Minister.

Sunak warned of a financial mess

Sunak presented himself as a candidate who could end internal partisan feuds. More recently, he was supported by Commerce Minister Kimi Badenouch and former Home Secretary Suila Braverman, two prominent right-wing politicians in the party. The 42-year-old is taking advantage of the fact that in the party’s internal campaign to lead the party against Truss in the summer, he specifically warned of the financial chaos the current prime minister has caused to her economic policies during her short presidency.

As a result, he said, Sunak is likely to fully reverse Truss’ economic and financial programme ARDReporter Annette Dirt in Tajischaw 24. He will focus more on austerity policy and will partially backtrack on Truss’ promises regarding their energy relief packages.

Not everyone is behind it

However, experts point out that Sunak does not have the support of the entire party and faction. Several members accuse him of causing Johnson’s famous downfall by resigning as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Additionally, critics point to the fortune of what may be the richest member of the British Parliament. The former investment banker is married to the daughter of the founder of Infosys, which owns hundreds of millions of pounds in the Indian IT giant.

After outgoing Prime Minister Truss left office after six weeks of unprecedented chaos under pressure from her party, the Conservative Party had to search for new leadership for the second time in a few months. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson initially discussed a return, but abruptly withdrew on Sunday evening.


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