Top 5 exercises for balance and coordination

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Depending on the individual course of the disease and the severity of symptoms, exercise can help those affected be as mobile and fit as possible, even with multiple sclerosis. Well-trained coordination skills and a sense of balance are especially important.

Typical symptoms of multiple sclerosis such as spasticity that restricts movement, ataxia (balance disorders), or tremor (shaking of body parts) can be treated with physical therapy and occupational therapy. like German MS Society e. Fifth He describes, these movement therapy measures improve fine motor skills.

These exercises can have positive effects on MS

Regular exercise and sports bring people with MS more security in their daily lives. Due to coordination difficulties due to nerve damage, falling poses a significant risk of injury, so a stable core and a good sense of balance are important.

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  • Leg press training: You can find at least one leg press machine at any good gym. From a sitting or lying down position, use your legs to push a heavy platform away from you. The focus here is particularly on the thighs, calves, and glutes. Functional leg exercises to strengthen the muscles are very important for those with MS. However, the exercises must be performed on one legso that both legs receive exactly the same training impulse.
  • Balance exercises on vibration platforms or balance boards: There are a variety of balance training equipment. Depending on your needs, vibration platforms or balance boards with armrests and grips can be used. In the end, the workouts are about that Purposeful conversion of body weight and to provide stability through small muscle movements. Such exercises strengthen joints and can prevent falls.
  • Coordination exercises with a swing stick: Swing bars are now part of the standard equipment in the gym. Use the staff to train on your own Coordination and training of the core at the same time. Hold the stick with your arm extended out to the side, stand on one leg and swing the stick vigorously.
  • He goesRegular walking can help strengthen muscles and improve coordination.
  • YogaYoga can help improve flexibility and balance and reduce stress. Light exercises can also be performed with aids such as blocks and pads to compensate for the lack of muscle strength. In Yoga Easy you will find some excellent yoga exercises for multiple sclerosis>>


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