Toblerone has to change the design – no more traditional logo
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Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate brand.
The Matterhorn in particular stands out on the memorable Toblerone packaging. Will spiked chocolates also be on supermarket shelves in this design in the future? (iconic image) © Manfred Segerer / Imago

It makes sense to advertise chocolate from Switzerland with an alpine panorama. However, in the future, the Matterhorn logo may not be emblazoned on Toblerone packaging.

Bern – He who nibbles on a piece of Toblerone also enjoys a piece of Switzerland. The Bernese chocolate manufacturer leaves no doubt about this marketing concept. Starting with the peak of a milk chocolate shape, through the “Switzerland” stamp to the symbol of the proud Alpine republic in the logo; Matterhorn.

However, it is likely that in the future the company will have to reconsider its marketing strategy. Because with the partial relocation of the production facility to Bratislava, the product no longer meets strict Swissness standards, which state that only where Switzerland is inside can Switzerland also appear on the label. However, since some Swiss chocolate will be made in the Slovakian capital from this fall, that’s not quite the case anymore. This means that the Matterhorn emblem must give way.

Toblerone has always been close to home: “milk chocolate from Switzerland” as a quality feature

There is no doubt that the beige packaging of the world famous Swiss chocolate has a recognized value. While other chocolate manufacturers send purple cows into the marketing race, Toblerone has long proclaimed its connection to its native land. In the early days, in 1867, the packaging showed the factory in Bern, but it wasn’t until 1970 that the Matterhorn was added. This was followed by a gentle redesign of the mountain emblem in 2000.

already know?

Since a slight redesign of the logo in 2000, another logo has been placed on the packaging. Hidden in the Matterhorn, the famous animal of Bern is decorated with a bear standing on its hind paws. Incidentally, “Toblerone” is a play on words from founder Jean Tobler’s name and “Toroni,” the Italian name for honey almond nougat.


Since the introduction of Swissness standards in 2017, national symbols such as the Matterhorn, folk hero Wilhelm Tell or Swiss crosses have only been allowed on product packaging under certain conditions. According to the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture (FOAG), at least 80 percent of the raw materials must come from Switzerland, and in the case of milk and dairy products even all of it. And: the primary processing step must take place in Switzerland, informs authority on their website.

No more traditional motto: Toblerone moves production abroad – thus losing Matterhorn

It has been known since the summer of 2022 that the group, which is now in US hands, is partially outsourcing production. Then smaller Toblerone products in 35g and 50g format are manufactured outside the Republic of Albania. Not because the manufacturer had to file for bankruptcy. But because the factory in Bern-Brunen is reaching its capacity limits; Also because Mondelez International wants to increase production. In the future, the parent company from the USA aims to have an additional 90 million 100g chocolate bars annually.

    Person holding a Toblerone cover in front of a panorama of the Matterhorn to illustrate the logo.
When you think of Switzerland, many people quickly come to the Matterhorn. Swiss chocolate maker Toblerone also announced this mind game. Perhaps this will not be the case in the future. © Imago

In the future, instead of the brand suffix “Switzerland”, the Toblerone lettering will be marked “Switzerland” (Incorporated in Switzerland). The Matterhorn summit also disappears. It is not yet clear what the new packaging should look like. It is also unclear whether the new packaging will then only apply to smaller formats produced in Bratislava, such as the Schweizer Zeitung. Blake mentioned.

Meanwhile, politicians are discussing the external impact of unhealthy food on society: Federal Food Minister Cem Özdemir (The Greens) is calling for a far-reaching ban on advertisements for sweets, fast food and the like in Germany. (rku)


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