To inspire girls: Jane Goodall got her very own Barbie doll

As an inspiration for girls
Jane Goodall is getting her very own Barbie doll

Toy manufacturer Mattel has dedicated its famous plastic dolls to famous women such as civil rights activist Rosa Parks. And now she’s soon to be a Barbie doll of the monkey researcher Dr. Giving to Jane Goodall. The model even comes with a chimpanzee figure.

A great honor for the British monkey researcher d. Jane Goodall: US toy maker Mattel has announced that it will be making a custom Barbie doll for Goodall. The now 88-year-old scientist doll, who has been busy in her career primarily searching for chimpanzees, aims to have an inspiring impact on young girls in particular, It says in the description.

Doll wears khaki shorts and matching shirt, $35. Also included: a replica of David Greybeard, the chimpanzee that Goodall first worked with closely and studied his behavior closely. Accessories also include: binoculars, clock and wooden stick for Goodall doll. Doll is made of recycled plastic (head and hair excluded).

Goodall is the symbol of its domain

Born in London, Goodall began studying chimpanzee behavior in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park since the 1960s. She later founded the Jane Goodall Institute, which works to protect and preserve primate habitats. It is primarily responsible for many of the groundbreaking discoveries in the behavior of great apes. Among other things, it confirmed the assumption that chimpanzees use stones and twigs as tools, and even go hunting together and attack other monkeys in the group.

The Goodall Barbie isn’t the first thing Mattel has dedicated to a famous woman. In the range, Barbie bears the names of famous women such as human rights activist Eleanor Roosevelt or civil rights activist Rosa Parks.


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