Titan: A French billionaire has recovered artifacts from the Titanic
Paul-Henri Nargolet, director of a deep-sea research project dedicated to the Titanic, stands next to a miniature replica of the sunken ship at an exhibition at the Paris Expo May 31, 2013 in Paris.

Paul-Henri Nargolet, director of a deep-sea research project dedicated to the Titanic, stands next to a miniature replica of the sunken ship at an exhibition at the Paris Expo May 31, 2013 in Paris.
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RMS Titanic Inc. Right to salvage and view the wreck of the Titanic.

The private company, with the help of Paul-Henri Nargeolet, has recovered more than 5,000 artifacts that were nearly auctioned in 2018.

Nargeolet was on board the submarine Titan when it exploded.

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The French billionaire diver who died on the Titanic submarine spent two decades working for a controversial company that has the sole right to salvage and display objects from the Titanic wreck.

Paul Henry Nargoletone of The most successful divers of the Titanic in historyHe commanded five expeditions for the private salvage company RMS Titanic Inc. More than 5,000 artifacts were collected from the ship. The artifacts included items as small as shaving sets and whistles and as large as the chandeliers that were installed on the ship.

The legacy and the Nargeolets company, for which he worked for many years, shed light on the controversy surrounding cemetery tourism and shipwreck salvage.

RMS Titanic Inc. claimed , a subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions 1986 First time saving rights Titanic And I got these rights by court order. At the time, some considered the RMS Titanic Inc. And Nargeolet as well They’re called high-tech grave robbers, Reported by Katherine Long from the inside.

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The company tells her a task Whether it be “exploring the wreck of the Titanic and its surrounding marine areas, collecting oceanographic material and scientific data, and using existing data and artefacts for historical verification, scientific education, and public outreach.”

The company also works frequently with multinational agencies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to preserving the history of the Titanic. It currently runs Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, where much of the ship’s historic memorabilia is on display.

However, the RMS Titanic Inc. The subject of controversy, primarily over the question of whether a private company should own the rights to historical artifacts for the benefit of the public We are.

In 2016, Premier Exhibitions and RMS Titanic Inc. We filed for bankruptcy and we were able to Group auction. At that time, a finder discovered Titanic Works, Robert BallardTitanic director James Cameron launched a museum-led move to the museum The collection is from the hands of the owners and collectors for editing, which ultimately failed. also auction Did not come, and RMS Titanic Inc. She remains in the group to this day.

Recently, the company sparked controversy when it applied in 2020, Marconi wireless telegraph machine, which distress calls were sent out while the ship was sinking, to display it Bergen – possibly at the expense of the flooded remains cap. The judge agreed the demandBut the company put the project on hold For financial reasons a.

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in one Interview with Forbes in 2012 Rajolieh was asked about the ethical aspects of her removal from the site. He said he believes the collections will help “educate and preserve” the ship’s history, though critics have legitimate concerns.

“I remember having a conversation with a woman who said to me, ‘I don’t like what you’re doing because my dad died on the ship,'” Nargolet said at the time, “I can live with that.” But I’ve met other survivors who love what we do. They believe it helps keep the ship and its legacy alive. I think recording artifacts is good, it’s good for education and it’s good for preservation. That’s the point.”

RMS Titanic Inc. did not respond. An Insider was immediately asked for comment.

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