Tiger mosquito.  How do we avoid its spread?

Returns every spring. This aggressive, silent, disease-carrying urban mosquito is present in all departments of New Aquitaine, with the exception of the Creuse. In Charente Maritimes, 7 municipalities are currently colonized. An awareness campaign was organized on June 17 in Chaniers to prevent the spread of Aedes Albopictus.

Mosquitoes that bite you are born in your neighborhood!

Altopictus, expert in demos

He is not a great traveler: the tiger mosquito lives within a radius of 150 meters. On the other hand, they are very prolific: the female can lay up to 200 eggs every 12 days. These eggs submerge and become mosquitoes in 5 days. These eggs are very resistant, and can wait several months without water while waiting for them to develop.

Since 2020 in New Aquitaine, toa insect control To prevent the risk of spreading by AR to me 4 mosquito specialists You have tied and secured traps nesting areas subordinate Awareness and training To attract the attention of local authorities so that they can Locate and delete Breeding sites in public places and raising awareness among citizens.

This Friday, June 17, it was the clients of the Charente-Maritime Communities who took advantage of it. A door-to-door operation was organized to raise awareness among the citizens of the municipality of Chaniers. Citizens are invited to report the presence of tiger mosquitoes On this reporting site.

Since 2019, Charente-Maritime is classified as a colonial divisionbecause of a Confirm Create in Saints At the end of the 2018 seasonAnd the on me Newell sur mir In 2019, on cashiers In 2019, on Saint George Dolerone and others a girlfriend In 2020 and recently Saint George de Didon and others Saint-Sauveur d’Aunis in 2021.

Everywhere, even in the tiniest hollow of tarpaulin. Therefore, it is necessary to remove stagnant water where the mosquito is the only one Active and permanent work.

in the letter jGardens, on the terraces of communal buildings, public and private spaces, empty Or harbor potential water tanks after every rain throughout the spring and summer season.

Aggressive and silent, the tiger mosquito is above all a vector of dengue, chikungunya and Zika. To prevent the spread of these viruses, their spread is combated.

In the Charente Maritime section, 3 cases of dengue were reported in 2021. in 2020, In New Aquitaine, there have been 61 cases of dengue fever 830 have been reported across the national territory.


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