They give Kim's sister superpowers: These powerful clans rule North Korea |  Policy

They give Kim’s sister superpowers |

These powerful clans rule North Korea

Fearsome Kim from North Korea? Nobody knows. but choose? no one knows. This will change!

Because: Together, families brutally rule North Korea – the Kim family and the Choi clan! Two families full of Stone Age communists suffering from mad famine and the missile empire between Russia, China and South Korea are in an iron fist.

Connected for Half Time: The Choes are the descendants of party leader Choi Hyun (1907-1982), who was always seen alongside state founder Kim Il-sung. They led the country into Stalinism and even deeper into barbarism.

Experts still argue to this day about which of the clans is actually the most influential.

Now the two families have been united – according to analyzes by Western news services, the clan of the most sinister force appears in the frightening isolated country: the sister of Head of State Kim “Rocket” Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong (35 years old), was married to Choe Song.

Song is the son of the country’s most powerful politician after Kim Jong Un: Choi Ryong-hae, as Speaker of Parliament even officially as head of state in the Kim Empire, is also the deputy head of the Politburo – and in September the head of the Supreme Council. People’s Assembly of the Communists of the Stone Age.

The alleged face of Janos: Kim Yoo Jong

The alleged face of Janos: Kim Yoo Jong

Photo: AFP

And it is clear that Kim’s sister was called to the highest level: because her brother is physically and mentally ill and sometimes hides for several months, her sister was built on purpose.

Destined to become a member of the Politburo, she already has important powers in her hands and heads the powerful Ministry of Propaganda. Western analysts assume that today no important decision would be taken without them and the Choi clan.

The fact that Kim’s sister is now accepted into the Politburo is seen as an important step to gaining power: only as a member of the Politburo can she make decisions about the state when her brother is absent again. She will also be the first woman to assume the top leadership of the North Korean Communist Party (founded 74 years ago).

A bond that lasted for years: Choi Ryong Hae and Kim Jong Un

A bond that lasted for years: Choi Ryong Hae and Kim Jong Un

Photo: AP

When her brother was unable to work for months during the coronavirus pandemic, it was her sister who made important decisions, deciding what was the priority in the country — and what wasn’t, according to analysts. You have decided what is priority. She coordinated closely with her brother’s supervisors and security forces. Janos’ Face: On the one hand, cheerful and friendly – but then tough to brutal.

The brutal and the two communist clans in the background – all doors open to Kim’s sister in isolated horror.


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