These five foods are bad sugar traps

Hidden Sugar: These 5 foods are hidden sugar traps

1. Fruits with a high sugar content

Normally, when we eat fruits, we want to do something good for our body because fruits are rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. However, there are some varieties that are surprisingly high in sugar. These include fruits, which are particularly sugary, among others Dried fruits, bananas, grapes and cherries.

2. Juices and smoothies

The same principle that applies to fresh fruit and preserves applies to juices and smoothies as well. Specifically finished Packaged juices from the supermarket They often contain a large amount of hidden sugar. Some varieties can contain up to 30 grams. So it is worth taking a look at the list of ingredients.

3. Yogurt with fruits

Natural yogurt is a healthy, low-carb food option. However, many people who find the taste too bland often reach for it Fruit yogurt varieties. However, they often contain a fair amount of sugar: up to 14g of sugar per 100g is not uncommon. Low-fat fruit yogurts in particular aren’t as light, as the lack of taste is made up for by the sugar.

4. Bandage prayer

Salad is a healthy and low-calorie meal, right? This mainly depends on the salad dressing used. Because some dressings contain a large amount of hidden sugar. Particular caution is required Light versions Recommended, as the lower fat content is often offset by sugar, similar to yogurt. For example, French dressing contains about 16g of sugar per 100g serving.

5. Flavored water

Many people consider flavored water to be a good alternative if they don’t like plain water but don’t want to drink unhealthy sodas. However, caution is required here too, because this “saturated water” They can often contain up to six grams of sugar per 100 milliliters. Healthier: Add lemon slices, raspberries, or cucumber slices to your water; It looks great and tastes wonderfully fresh.

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