“The Rat’s Tail in a Panic”: Volker Bruch Explains His Disappearance

“The Rat’s Tail in a Panic”: Volker Bruch Explains His Disappearance

“rat tail to panic”
Volker Broch explains his disappearance

While filming in Italy, Volker Bruch wants to go for an evening walk with an overnight in a hut – this leads to a rescue. Now the representative of “Babylon Berlin” speaks and explains how the fiasco happened.

Volker Broch spoke after his alleged disappearance. At the end of the week, media such as “leggo.it” reported that the actor is missing after a hike in the Italian Alps. Now the 42-year-old explains in an Instagram story: “Just glancing at the headlines. Felt and feel amazing. I just went for a walk with a one night stay in a cottage.” He adds, “Today I wasn’t available until noon due to a lack of net, which then caused the mice to panic.”

By the time the newspaper article was published, everyone had long calmed down, he continues. Finally, the “Babylon Berlin” star says goodbye to his fans with “Baci di San Remo” in English: “Kisses from San Remo”. In a previously recorded story, Broch also explained that he was on his way to San Remo, a port city in northwestern Italy.

An adventurous outing

As evening rose, the German actor launched a mountain rescue in Piedmont. Authorities said the Munich national, who lives in Berlin, went alone in the area around the northern Italian municipality of Formazza northwest of Lake Maggiore on Saturday night and did not return.

Colleagues from the cast of “2 Win,” which is currently being filmed there, did not find the 42-year-old at the hotel this Sunday before their planned departure and alerted authorities. According to their statements, emergency services were able to contact Broch and locate him at an altitude of 2,500 metres. On the phone call, he said in English that he was fine. A helicopter was also used for research.

Bruch is currently filming the drama “2 Win” with fellow cast members Daniel Bruhl, among others. The film is directed by Stefano Mordini, and is scheduled for release in 2023. The film revolves around the 1983 World Rally Championship, where the Italian team wants to challenge the German for the title.


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