The Queen is almost not allowed to enter her private horse show
editorial videoeditorial video | May 22, 2022, 8:59 pm

Almost everyone knows the face of Queen Elizabeth II – but just about. It has now emerged that the British Queen nearly missed her horse show, as Queen Elizabeth II was not allowed to attend her private exhibition, and the security guard refused to enter her reaction, the Queen has been at the head of the British royal family for 70 years now. So there is hardly anyone who does not know her, one might think, but Queen Elizabeth II was also confused. We’ll tell you how she almost ended up being denied entry to her horse gallery… The Queen was not allowed in, one might assume that the Queen’s face would be familiar to everyone, especially those working at royal events. But it happened to the Queen decades ago that she wasn’t recognized in horse racing, she told Hello! The queen stands before him. Not knowing who he was dealing with, he told the British Queen: “I’m sorry, my dear, but I can’t let you in without a poster.” The Queen’s reaction to this could not have been more elegant. Instead of getting angry, she said, “I guess if you asked me, I’d let me in.” The security guard did so and the Queen was still able to take part in the event, which according to “Mirror” is one of her favorite events. Also interesting: that the security guard later mistook her, the security guard admitted that he had confused Queen Elizabeth II with a “missing old lady”. It is said that this funny situation happened in 1991. However, for the security guard, it was probably too embarrassing not to recognize their Queen. If you think the Queen has been visiting the Horse Show every year since 1943, it would have been fatal if she hadn’t been able to be there on time. Such things can happen – even to the Queen of Great Britain. She clearly didn’t take it wrong, so no trace of air and bliss. The Queen responded subtly, calmly and wisely. However, it is an event that neither the guards nor the king will ever forget, the queen herself is a passionate equestrian and has a great interest in horses. Therefore, its association with horse show is understandable, as the Royal Windsor Horse Show has been held near Windsor Castle every year since 1943 and includes the disciplines of dressage, jumping, driving and endurance riding.


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