Baden Baden – Confusion about power outages in Baden-Baden!

In Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, about 10,000 people were without a source of energy!

► There was a power outage on Wednesday night, the emergency call and traffic lights were also down. The internet was also down across the city, according to the Stadtwerke website. The Mercure Mountain Railway is also out of service until further notice. SWR had previously reported.

The reason is now known: a faulty connection point between two cables in the ground caused a power outage. The head of the utility company, Helmut Ohler, said Wednesday that the so-called ground fault has generated more heat, causing the plastic sheathing of the cables to melt.

The fault in the underground 20,000-volt cable two meters away caused several subsequent faults in the system, which then caused blackouts to several thousand residents.

Failed due to heat: “Error!”

The municipality’s facilities had announced in the morning that the cause of the malfunction was heat. “That’s wrong,” said Ohler now. It often happens that the sleeve breaks between two cables. The cause of subsequent errors will be investigated soon.

“We’ve never seen such a big upheaval in Baden-Baden,” said the Stadtwerke chief. For most of those affected, Ohler explained, the blackout lasted between six and ten hours.

Thousands of people in Baden-Baden without electricity since midnight (avatar)

Thousands of people in Baden-Baden without electricity since midnight (avatar)

Photo: Michael Han

The fire brigade launched loudspeaker advertisements regularly to inform residents. It was also on site in many parts of the city, where emergency calls could no longer be made. Those affected are: Klosterplatz, Augustaplatz, Leopoldsplatz, Lichtental fire station, Balg Clinic and Gutenbergstrasse.

As the city’s website says: “Turn off the air conditioning and ventilation!”

A spokeswoman for the utility company said they are working hard to completely eradicate the disruption. The show has now been largely restored.

According to the city, there may be slight interruptions during the day.


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