The police and the FBI are after my overbearing mom

The police and the FBI are after my overbearing mom

Teenage trauma: the bully who insulted her on the Internet for a year was her mother

Kendra Jill L. is said to have bullied her daughter for a year.

Isabella County Jail

For months, a teenage girl and her boyfriend in the United States receive text messages in which they are both insulted and bullied. The couple complains at their school, even about the FBI’s involvement. Then the absurd appears: the unknown person writing the offensive messages is the teenage girl’s mother.

Michigan: Her mother allegedly admitted to bullying her daughter

According to US media reports, Kendra Gail L. has already been questioned by investigators and is said to have confessed to everything. She was said to have been with her daughter and her boyfriend at the time for about a year Bad News I have written. Then the police arrested her.

The volume of the letters is staggering: the volume of the detectives is said to be 349 pages thick. Content: Text messages and social media comments only, all written by the Michigan mother.

L. was apparently clever: She was said to have used VPN servers—network connections that are difficult to trace—to hide her identity. In addition, I used the language of youth, so it was as if the insults came from a teenager.

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The teen and her boyfriend received abusive messages for a year

It appears that the mother used VPN servers to hide her IP address.

It appears that the mother used VPN servers to hide her IP address.


that mobbing of teens starting in early 2021. At first the two did nothing. Only when the derogatory messages had not diminished even after nearly a year did the two turn to their school.

At that time, L. and the mother of her daughter’s boyfriend were also notified. L then pretends to help the teens find the bully. The insulting messages stopped – but by then it was too late for the mother.


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USA: The FBI is going down the path of the overbearing mother

The school turned on the police, and shortly thereafter FBI investigators were assigned to the case. Despite the VPN connections, they were able to find out the IP address of the unknown sender. It was the victim’s mother’s IP address.

L. has now been temporarily released from custody after posting bail. The mother faces several years in prison. On December 29, a decision will be made on whether the prosecutor’s office wants to press charges in the case. (is very)

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