The new Teslas is only available with steering wheel yoke

with the Model S Plaid Tesla introduces a new steering wheel. Will be “yokeFormula 1 steering wheel recall and reminder.

Many Tesla owners and people considering buying a Tesla are skeptical. annoying Elon Musk But they have no choice.

The normal steering wheel will no longer be available

On Twitter, the Tesla CEO was asked if the regular steering wheel could be returned for an additional cost. Musk’s answer: No.

The steering wheel will almost certainly be used with the next update of tenth style find their way. This means that the new S and X models will only be available with a yoke in the future. An introduction to the Model 3 and Y has not yet been planned.

Swipe the steering wheel

Tesla’s first owners of the new Model S Plaid have criticized the telescopic steering wheel. Some even said it was security risk. There are ergonomics problems when turning sharply into curves and when arriving when exiting a bend. In addition, one can miss the point and thus lose control of the vehicle.

Others see problems with the distribution of buttons on the steering wheel. It’s so easy Pressing buttons accidentally. Musk has responded in the past that this issue is being worked on. In the future, the car’s software will recognize whether the button was pressed intentionally or unintentionally.

The legal situation in Austria is unclear

It is questionable whether a steering wheel will be allowed in Austria. “In terms of driving safety, this model can of course lead to problems once you have to change your grip on the steering wheel,” says ÖAMTC.

The use of a gullwing steering wheel, such as the one used by KITT in the Knight Rider TV series, is not allowed in Austria, as it restricts response ability. This has handles only on the left and right and not above or below an arc. The Tesla yoke steering wheel has at least one bracket at the bottom.


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