Anyone who thinks superhero orgy is what’s so special about the new “The Boys” episode should definitely take a closer look.

Long before the third season of “The Boys” even started, fans were looking forward to a very special episode: Hirogasm. Comic book-inspired, The Party is a gigantic orgy where truly superheroes can let loose and let their most perverted sexual fantasies go. An event that you can make sure in advance that the creators will show some explicit scenes.

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However, fans will quickly notice that the highlight of the episode is not due to the recreations of great viral videos or crazy orgy. Despite scenes like the Love Sausage reunion, millimeter (Laz Alonso) Sperm shower And The Deep’s (Chace Crawford) Lovemaking with Octopus sends shock and laughter together, the best scene waiting in the final moments of the episode.

Almost as terrible as Homelander: you can find the 8 deadliest characters in the video:

Homelander vs The Butcher & Soldier Boy: A Battle That Changes Everything

While searching for his old teammates, Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) appears in Herogasm to kill Tommy (Jack Doolan) and Tessa (Kristin Booth). Similar to his previous attacks, he loses control and kills more Supes and innocent victims attending the orgies. A powerful explosion prompts Homelander (Anthony Starr) to show up to check things out. What fans can expect is a profile First class fight.

Encounters between Homelander and Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) have ensured excitement since the first season, but the cards are redistributed once again in Herogasm. Butcher not only has superpowers thanks to Temp V and can now finally handle his greatest abilities Measuring the enemyHe also has a boy soldier at his side.

in Brutal teamwork With the help of Hughie (Jack Quaid), experience the psychopathic narcissist once and for all to make out. Thanks to powerful punches, laser eyes and teamwork, the “Captain America” ​​mix had little chance, but in the end managed to escape. However, the fear of realizing how vulnerable he was to the strength of his opponents was clearly written on his face. An aspect that we haven’t seen yet from the Leader of the Seven and that will definitely have a huge impact on the rest of the series. We will find out soon what awaits us here and whether the butcher and the boy soldier can really destroy their common enemy from July 1 At the beginning of the seventh episode of “The Boys” season three.

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