The majority in the US Senate is wavering: the Arizona senator surprisingly leaves the Democrats

The majority of the US Senate fluctuates
Surprisingly, the Arizona senator leaves the Democrats

Just a few days ago, the Democrats won a narrow majority in the US Senate in their 51st seat – and now the balance of power in the House is once again on edge. US Senator Kirsten Sinema wants to continue as an independent.

US Senator Kirsten Sinema of Arizona will leave the Democratic Party and will serve as an independent member of the council. This move complicates the tight control of Democrats in the US Senate and causes a serious setback for US President Joe Biden.

“I have joined the growing number of Arizonans who reject partisan politics by declaring my independence from the broken party system in Washington,” she wrote in an opinion piece for the Arizona Republic. “I registered as an independent from Arizona.”

Just days after the Democrats clinched their 51st seat in the House of Representatives by winning the special election in Georgia, a jolt has passed through Washington. Because the move raises the question of whether she will continue to work with the party like Independent Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine.

New problems for Biden

Governance has never been easier for President Biden. The first half of his term has already shown how difficult it is to govern with a slim majority in the Senate. In addition to Joe Manchin, Kirsten Sinema has previously blocked several Biden projects.

The Senate is of particular importance in the political power structure of the United States. Important personal details at the federal level—such as ambassadors, cabinet members, or federal judges—must be confirmed by the Senate. The appointment of judges is particularly important. Biden is now sure of the opportunity to push through more nominations.


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