Home entertainment The love feud between Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic escalates

The love feud between Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic escalates

The love feud between Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic escalates
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From: Jennifer Kon

IBES nominees Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic argue in the jungle camp about the state of their relationship
IBES nominees Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic argue in the jungle camp about the status of their relationship © RTL / RTL +

There must actually be a romantic mood between jungle camp residents Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovich. But that was once, and now it’s escalating.

South Africa — IBES nominees Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic, got along well from the start — things cracked between the reality TV actors in the first few days. Perhaps light touches and intense conversations confirmed that they had a common interest. But it seems as if these feelings may be a thing of the past for now. Tara showed her emotional turmoil on the third and fourth day – she was a little upset by the 28-year-old’s behaviour. Now the debate has run its course and has cracked between the two. Because the Austrian admits that she has already developed feelings for Philip. And how does the former “bachelorette” candidate feel about this phrase?

Jungle Camp 2022: Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic in an emotional mess

The 28-year-old tries to talk Philip into confessing her feelings for him and explains to her: “If a guy wants you, he’ll show you that too!” But Philip’s reaction may not have been what Tara had hoped for. The former “Bachelor” contestant admits that things don’t stack together. He also indicated that the reality TV actress would like to go to America soon. But the 28-year-old immediately responded, “These are open plans for the future. A few months ago I wanted to move to Ibiza,” she explained, trying to make him understand that being single has different plans than dating someone. But Philip is now unsure of himself and directly states the state of his relationship with Tara: “I don’t know what you think, how far that was. We don’t relate. I think we are very different!”. Tara is clearly shocked.

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But Philip does not tolerate this and exclaims: “I can tell you how troubled you are with me. But I don’t know what I did to you. You got yourself into something too much!” Oops, those words hit the candidate of the forest camp hard.

Jungle Camp 2022: Philip Pavlovic finds clear words about the state of his relationship with Tara Tabitha

And the debate continues: “Why me? Now you think you dumped me and I’m sad now!” The 28-year-old replies. Filip counters again: “That’s exactly why she doesn’t fit, because you pay close attention to something like that. You always make sure you’re perfect. I don’t care who dumps you and you! Tara, you act like we’ve been in a relationship for three years!” The two do not find a common denominator – which is bad, because there is a surprising announcement: they both have to hunt for treasure on the same night.

Jungle Camp 2022: Tara Tabitha and Philip Pavlovic must hunt for treasure

Tara and Philip of all people have to go on a treasure hunt in the middle of the night after their heated debate and mastery of the challenge together. The 28-year-old wasn’t excited – he just fell asleep. Runs through the forest – the goal is a “scary skull hut” with a water wheel. Now teamwork is required. If IBES filters can keep the bike spinning until dawn by refilling the water, they can take the treasure chest to camp. A grueling challenge when you’re about to fall asleep – but they’ve mastered it. together. Without a big fight, but with a loving hug. When they run back to camp and Philip, tired, wants to fall into his bed, Anushka thwarts his plans – because she’s lying on his bed. Now we are waiting for all the jungle camp residents to wake up so that the treasure chest can be opened together. You have to solve the puzzle – it’s about the correct spelling of the word “cappuccino”.

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Jungle Camp 2022: IBES nominees happy with coffee win – except for Anushka

So when all the celebrities decided on the right solution, the residents could enjoy coffee in the treasure chest. But Anushka, the only candidate for the jungle camp, was not happy with the victory: “I know exactly what’s going on. If I drink a cup of coffee now, it pushes me, and then my mood is worse!”. “I’m a star – get me out of here!” It’s running on RTL since January 21 at 10:15 p.m. – every Thursday at 8:15 p.m. prime time. All news about the show is now also available in the Jungle Camp daily newsletter.* tz.de is part of IPPEN-MEDIA


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