Czech Republic data confirm growth in Europe’s largest video game market It is located in Germany, where los tracks for video games and gaming games reached 8 8.5 billion. As a result, Germany has grown to become the fifth largest city in the United States, Japan, Jin Korea and behind the world, according to Geek, now chief economist at BH Securities.

Last year, Germans spent 32 percent more on video games than the previous year. However, in development, the most viewed tracks are played directly in games, for example various standard upgrades or exclusive parts. So game buyers are not game machines.

Hern prmysl hled nov zamstnance

According to From the Creatula Company Wit esk horn companies are confident and in the future, so look for reinforcements.Poptwan you programmtoi, animtoi nebostihoi.

The field is one of the creative industries, and the video game Beat Sauber, developed by Czech studio Beat Games, has gained a strong reputation, as has been the talk in the world in recent years about the Czech in connection with the student Oscar for daughter film. With millions of sites available, three million copies have been sold.

So the gaming industry is one of the most attractive job areas. In addition to financial stability, these companies also offer the opportunity to participate in projects that transcend the boundaries of our market. Many Czech studios have achieved strong global events and are working on projects where their people can learn a lot and use the latest technologies and practices from the site to Marek Dook.

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According to a survey conducted by Creatula, most surveyed companies indicate their salary. If they do not call them compared to previous years, they are significantly higher than average. Some salaries in this field are more than 100,000 crowns a month, most are tens of thousands per month, and some of the respondents said that the minimum salary for newcomers in professional positions does not reach 35,000 crowns.


By 2020, the survey will cover 19 leading Czech companies in the field of animation and board games. | Photo:

November Console and Infection

Video games have been growing over the past year. Controlled by other functions elevated the game to screens. The new generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 game consoles will also be recorded.

Demand for the PS5 is so high that, for example, in the Czech market of hundreds of large retailers, there is still no time to cut even the first day of pre-orders. It is hoped that the consoles will be available for free by the end of the summer.


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